Winter Science Activity Ideas

As we head into a cold January I thought it might be fun to try some fun Winter Science activity ideas.

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These snowman luminaries from Happy Hooligans are super cute. You could cover them with different materials to see which lets through the most light.

Try some ice fishing, how can you rescue your trapped fish from the ice?

How about some ice painting?

ice painting

We love these pretty ice decorations. Is it cold enough where you are for them to freeze outside?


Find out how polar animals stay warm in this fun investigation.

How about making some sensory snow? We have three great recipes for you, which do you think is most similar to snow?

pretend snow

Play with ice in a balloon. This activity is very simple and fun for even very little children. You could even make the balloon into a snake like we did.

Make your own Olaf and test how strong he is.

Make Olaf

This arctic slime looks fantastic from Little Bins for Little Hands.


In The Playroom has a lovely snowflake symmetry activity.

Make some seasonal ice. We made this one for Autumn. I added some pinecones and leaves before leaving the water to freeze.


This arctic small world set is super cute from The Imagination Tree.

Move wire through ice. A grown up might have to help with this one, and you don’t have to use a large a piece as we did.

If you’re lucky enough to have some snow, how about making a snow volcano?

Baking soda Volcano
Try making frost. This one is always very popular in our house, watch as the frost appears on the side on the can.

Winter science

 If you fancy getting out and about, these fun ideas for things to do with sticks and leaves will keep kids of all ages busy.

Colour mixing with fruity ice. This one is good for summer as well, you can make fun slushy drinks and see what colours you end up with.

You could investigate how to get a toy car to move across a sheet of ice. How do you think you could stop the car slipping?

Lemon Lime Adventures also has some fantastic Winter Science Ideas.

Do you have any other winter science ideas for us?



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