ZOOB Junior – creative construction

Zoob Junior is a versatile modelling system which has  brightly coloured plastic pieces that snap, click and pop together in many different ways. Modelled on the nucleotides that make up DNA, the movement of the Zoob’s mirrors the natural mobility of people, animals and machines.

We were sent the 30 piece set to review, this comes with a selection of instruction cards showing you how to make many different models. My 4 year old was able to follow the instructions and build the models with with only a small amount of help, my 2 year old still enjoyed playing with them, but preferred to stick them together how she wanted. She made a lot of funny looking people! Both Z and S have already spent hours playing with the Zoob’s, Z is already asking for more for Christmas.

The pieces are very easy to manipulate. Z really enjoyed working out how they all fit together and making the different models, the only thing that frustrated him was having to break up one model to make the next.

The Zoob pieces can even be put in the dishwasher to keep them clean, which is great from my point of view as my 1 year old still puts everything in her mouth.

We thought Zoob Jr was fantastic, and I will definitely buy more packs in the future.


Zoob Junior is available as a 15 piece or 30 piece set. Also available is Junior Zoomer, which lets children make a car. I’m certain Z would love that.

The original Zoob’s are aimed at children 6 and older, and are smaller and less flexible. These are available in sets ranging from 15 pieces to 500 pieces with themed sets available also. I will definitely look at these for Z in the future also.

We received a 30 piece Zoob Jr set to review, all words and opinions are my own.














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