Painting with syringes

This colourful, messy activity is perfect for summer investigating in the garden. As well as generally having fun we decided to investigate whether the paint would travel further if we filled the syringe to the top compared to half full.

We discussed what we thought might happen before starting and talked about what factors we needed to keep constant to make it a fair test.

Syringe Painting




Long roll of paper


Roll out the paper, you’ll need it to be quite long!

Fill two syringes with different amounts of paint, we filled one to the top and one half full.

Squirt your syringes one after the other.

Observe how far the paint travels. This should be obvious, but you could record the distance using a tape measure.


How much paint is in the syringe

Keep constant

The syringe must stay flat against the paper

Speed at which the syringe is pressed – we decided the most accurate way to do this was to have the same person press both using the same hand as fast as possible.

Type of paint.

Type of syringe

Syringe painting


Top tip – don’t fire the syringe into the air, unless you want to make a big mess.

Syringe painting

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