Summer Density

Density is a really tough concept to grasp.

We confuse ourselves by referring to our weight all the time when we really mean our mass. (We should not say weighing scales, we mean mass scales!)

Mass is effectively ‘how much stuff’ is there!

Density is how much mass is in a volume (or space).

One way to illustrate density is to pour different liquids ( which have different densities ) on top of each other. The liquids with the greatest density sink to the bottom.



I tried to make a summer ice cream version, but the sprinkles dissolved in the water making it a bit murky looking.


We have a fuller explanation of density here.

The science bit

Each of the liquids have a different mass of molecules or different numbers of parts squashed into the same volume of liquid, this makes them have different densities and therefore one can sit on top of the other – the more dense a liquid is the heavier it is.

Do you think you could float small objects on each of the different levels? We’d love to see a photo if you can.


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