Candy Cane Goo ( Oobleck )

We love goo or oobleck  at Science Sparks, its wonderful to touch and play with and I am always surprised at how it can feel solid one minute and liquid the next.

Today we made a Christmassy Candy Cane version.

How to make oobleck

How to make oobleck

  • Cornflour
  • Water
  • Peppermint essence
  • Red food colouring


I made up two batches of goo, one just normally with the cornflour and a smaller amount to which I added red food colouring, then swirled them together with a very small amount of the peppermint essence.

To make the goo, pour some cornflour into a bowl and add cold water very slowly until you get the consistency you want.

How to make oobleck


The peppermint smell was lovely and definitely made us feel a little Christmassy.

Note. Be careful with the red food colouring, it might stain clothes.

The Science Part

Did you notice that if you make a ball with the goo it is solid, but if you drop it on the floor it turns liquid again? The goo is a non – Newtonian fluid as it doesn’t flow like liquids normally do.

The Oobleck  is made up of molecules arranged in long chains. When the chains are stretched the liquid will flow, but when you force them together they stick together to form a solid.

 Other Oobleck Recipes

Autumn goo

Glow in the dark goo

Author: Emma Vanstone

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  1. What a great idea, adding the peppermint. My kiddos love goo. We will have to add a scent!

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  2. We love making goo too never thought of adding essence, thank you for the tip :-)
    We have been trying to make slime with Borax but we have failed miserably a number of times, not sure what I’m doing wrong lol

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  3. Corn flour? Or corn starch?

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    • We call it corn flour in the UK, possibly the same thing? :-)

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  4. That looks pretty cool. i know my son would love playing with this goo.

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  5. exactly how much of the ingredients do you use? 1 cup cornflour, 1 cup water? a few drops of peppermint essence? Or do I just play it by ear?

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    • I just played it by ear. Just make sure you add the water slowly. Let us know how you get on.

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  6. Oh, how fun!! I love the marblized colors and that you scent it. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

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  7. Thank you for this! My mom passed away and I was remembering she used to make this for us, but couldn’t remember how to make it. Now I can pass it on to MY kids!

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