Beetle Game – Introduction to insects

Did you know beetles make up about 40% of insect species?

Beetles have a very hard exoskeleton ( outer skeleton ) and hard forewings, like all insects their bodies are made up of three parts: the head, thorax and abdomen. Different species of beetle have different appendages, but for the purpose of this activity I have kept things simple.

If you can’t tell, the photo below is meant to be a beetle, with very basic body parts labelled. I made 4 beetles in different colours. The idea of the game being that all the bits start off in the middle and each player retrieves a body part depending on the number rolled on a dice.

insect drive game

The first player to build a complete insect wins.

We also made the same game using play doh parts.

Play doh beetle game

Play doh game

Fun facts

The hard exosketon is made of plates called sclerites.

The head – contains antennae, eyes and mouth.

Adult beetles have two sets of wings.

Some have special eyes which allow them to see above and below the waterline.

A single beetle can lay thousands of eggs in its lifetime.

Ladybirds are a kind of beetle.

Extension activities

Can you draw a picture of a beetle, and remember all the body parts?

Can you find any in your garden and identify the body segments with a magnifying glass?

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  1. Ticia

    I remember doing something like this with my kids when we studied insects, and it was a hit with mine too!
    Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday.

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