Christmas Density Display

What do you think of our lovely Christmas density jar?

What you need

Sugar Syrup
Food colouring
Vegetable Oil
Small items to test for floating

Other things to try:

  • Honey
  • Treacle
  • Washing soap



Pour each liquid into the glass slowly starting with the sugar syrup ( add food colouring if you want ), followed by the water with added food colouring and finally the vegetable oil.

Drop a few small items in and see which layer they float on.

Do you know why they float on different layers?

Try a marble to see if it sinks to the bottom.

Density experiment


The science part

For a full explanation see this post.

We’d love to see your Christmas themed density jars.


We’ve got lots more fun Christmas science ideas in this post and even have a Christmas ebook available to buy for just $3.

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