Find the jingle bells

Oh no, the Elves have lost their jingle bells, can you help them find them in the snow?

This easy fine motor, sensory activity is super simple to set up and has a lovely Christmassy feel to it.

Christmas fine motor

Christmas themed fine motor skill activity

What you need

Shaving foam

Little bells

Tweezers – these chunky tweezers from Learning Resources are our favourites




Fill the tray with shaving foam.

Sprinkle with glitter

Add the bells

Use the tweezers to remove the bells without touching them.

Extension Tasks

Can you sort the bells by size or colour?

Can you count the number of bells or lay them out in an array?

Can you draw a graph showing how many of each colour bell you have?

More fine motor skills ideas

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Why should you practice fine motor skills?

Did you know there are over 30 muscles in the hand and forearm? These muscles control elbow, wrist and finger movements while the much smaller muscles in the palm of the hand control smaller movements of the thumb and fingers.

If hand and forearm muscles develop slowly or aren’t strong enough children can find it very difficult to grip and manipulate small objects which can make learning to write a harder task.

Christmas fine motor skill activity


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