Firework Spin Art and Filter Paper Pictures

I’m a bit last minute posting these as today is Bonfire Night in the UK, but they came out so well I didn’t want to wait for New Year.

Firework Spin Art Pictures

These came out brilliantly on black card, especially when we added a bit of glitter.



Paint – we got ours from The Consortium

Salad Spinner



Cut the cardboard so it fits neatly inside the salad spinner.

Drop paint ( and glitter if you want ) onto the paper.

Spin the salad spinner.

Admire your picture.

firework picture

Extension tasks

Try different types of paper, do some work better than others?

What happens if you water down the paint.

Filter Paper Firework Pictures


Filter Paper

Washable felt tip pens

Pipette – we got ours from Learning Resources


Draw firework shapes on the filter paper.

Drop water onto the filter paper.

Watch the colours run and leave to dry.

filter paper fireworks


Extension Tasks

Can you try different types of pens? Does permanent marker work?

Other firework activity ideas

Make fun firework pictures with conkers like Rainy Day Mum.

Mum in the Madhouse has some great firework crafts made with cable ties.

Or how about a firework scratch art picture?

Finally, we love these edible sparklers from Red Ted Art.


Firework crafts

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