Food Groups

Looking at food groups is such a fun thing to do. It gives children a real insight into the types of food they eat and you can use it as an opportunity for taste testing.

For younger children, you can introduce food groups in terms of what they are: There are five basic groups.

food groups, Science-sparks

Then on an old plate divide it into five with a white board pen board pen and label as the groups – this will easily wash off, and using the sheets below, cut out the foods and add them to the plate portion you think they belong too.

Food groups work sheet

You can then ask you child which ones they would like to try and maybe plan a trip to the shop to purchase and hold a little tasting session.

Moving forward with older children you can then introduce the nutrient food groups.

There are seven basic nutrient food groups. These include:

food groups, Science-sparks


Each group is needed by the body for different reasons and can be found in different types of foods.

I have included this table for you to use in a sheet below.

Food groups Table

Food Groups, Science Sparks


Take an empty muffin tin and in each of the portion put a different type of food.

Food Groups, Science-sparks

Make some flags using cocktail sticks and paper and label each one with a letter to represent the food group.

Food Groups, Science-sparks

Discuss each food describing how it looks and maybe taste it to see if that gives any clues – is it rich or grainy or smooth like dairy? Then stick a flag into the food that it belongs to!

Food Groups, Science-sparks

Finally you could then print out the table above, chop it up and use it as a card for a revision exercise.

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  1. MsXpat

    This sets me back a few years to primary school. Great post! It good information to the public to be reminded of and for kids to learn early. Thanks for sharing.

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