Germs and worms

Where possible I always get my children to wash their hands before eating. The bigger two have made up a song to encourage little H to wash hers properly, it goes something like this:

Rub and scratch, rub and scratch

Or you’ll get worms and germs

worms and germs.

la la la la

Lovely, don’t you think?

We did a very simple activity today to show how dirt and germs can spread.


hand washing

hand washing


The glitter is meant to represent dirt and germs we can’t see, and show how easily they pass from one person to another.

I was very careful to explain that not all germs are bad, and they shouldn’t worry about holding hands, but should wash them before eating if they can.

The healthy schools project has more information about good hygiene.



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  1. Actually Mummy...

    I’m so doing this with my two! I’m even going to make them scratch it off their hands and then see where that glitter goes to! Hope there wasn’t too much cleaning for Mummy after this 🙂

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