Learning Resources – Magnet Set

The Primary Science Magnet Set from Learning Resources is a great science kit for little people.

It contains 14 pieces and 10 easy to follow activities printed onto big cards.

Primary Science Magnet Set

The pieces are chunky and easy for little hands to hold and fit together, and the activities clearly and thoroughly explained.

The set is aimed at ages 5+ but I actually thought it was a little too easy for my 5 year old. He liked making a compass by holding one of the magnets on a string from the purple holder and watching which way was north, but the rest didn’t really hold his attention.

However my almost 4 year old was fascinated by everything, she especially liked using the big yellow magnet to move the ladybirds around the maze.

We all had a lot of fun walking around the house looking for things to test to see if they stuck to the magnet, Z and S initially thought that everything shiny and metal looking would stick, and were quite intrigued to realise this wasn’t true!

I thought this set was fantastic, absolutely perfect for my little Science Sparks.

Learning resources kindly sent us this set to review, all words and opinions are my own.

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