Light Up Snowman – Play Dough Circuit

We’ve made play dough circuits before. They are super easy and the creative opportunities almost endless, so in the absence of any real snow so far this year thought we’d make a play dough light up snowman!

light up snowman


Play Dough

US ( not quite the same :

Battery Pack:



Selection of LEDs



Batteries for the battery pack.


First we refreshed our memory about circuits, by creating parallel and series circuits and testing the LEDs in both orientations (Remember current can only go through an LED one way – the longer leg needs to go in the play dough connected to the positive end of the battery pack )

Parallel Circuit

The electricity is shared between each component. If one LED breaks the other will still light up.

parallel circuit

Series Circuit

The current flowing across each component is the same. If one LED breaks the others will not light as the circuit is broken.

play dough series circuit


Snowman Circuit

Our snowmen are an example of a parallel circuit. How would you make a snowman? What else could you make with play dough, LEDs and a battery pack?

We made a birthday cake a couple of years ago using a plastic cookie cutter to separate two segments of play dough so the current had to go through the LEDs to complete the circuit.

What do you think?

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