Make your own scratch art paper

Did you ever make scratch art paper pictures as a child? I remember making them using coloured colouring pencils with black crayon over the top, they took an age to make and never worked that well. If only I’d known then that oil pastels are an amazing art resource.


Oil pastels 

White cardboard

Play dough tools


Use the oil pastels to add lots of colour to one sheet of card and then rub over the top with a black oil pastel.

scratch art paper


scratch art

Once you’ve completely covered the card in black, you can create your scratch art picture.

scratch art eggs


Extension tasks

Try using a white crayon to draw a picture on white card, you’ll need to press down very hard. Once you’ve done that, gently crayon over the top using coloured crayons. You should find the white resists the coloured crayons giving you a lovely white outline on the page.


For those days where you don’t want to be making your own scratch art paper, we highly recommend these ready made scratch art sheets from Melissa and Doug.


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scratch art paper

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