Making Mixtures

A mixture is a substance in which two are more substances are mixed but not joined together, meaning that a chemical reaction has not taken place.

You can make many mixtures with many every day things.

1. Firstly try to make a mixture of toys!

Making Mixtures, Science Sparks

2. Secondly, sweeties! (Pick ‘n’ Mix is a mixture all in a tub!)


Then you can actually mix some mixtures!

How about a cup of tea! The tea, water, sugar and milk all makes a nice mixture.

What about salt in water? What do you notice happens to the salt?

Water and liquid soap

Milk and milkshake powder! Yummy!



Solutions are mixtures when a solid (which we call a solute) dissolves into a liquid (that we call the solvent)


Quick Test


Aim: To test out these three mixtures to see which form solutions and which don’t?

  • Salt and Water
  • Sugar and Water
  • Sand and Water


Results Table

Making mixtures


You should find that both salt and water and sugar and water dissolve and form solutions and that sand sinks to bottom!

  Making Mixtures, Science Sparks

 What mixtures can you make?

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  1. Theresa

    Those are great educational play activities. I love your ideas for teaching the difference between a mixture and a solution in a meaningful way. Families can try out your mixtures and solutions and then come up with their own too. Thank you for sharing this on Artsy Play Wednesday on Capri + 3.

    : 0 ) Theresa

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