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We have already looked at Amazing Astronomy and Cracking Chemistry from QED, today we are looking at ‘Why it works, Electricity‘ and ‘Inventions in Science and Technology‘.

Why it works, Electricity

Science books

In a world where we take for granted electricity and power I think it is great for kids to know where it come from. This book gives a fantastic overview of electricity, where it used, where it comes from and what it does. As with the other QED books the topic is simply explained with some fantastic illustrations.

Science Books

Science Sparks tried the static hair here. All 3 of my children were fascinated and it was brilliant to be able to explain the reason their hair was sticking up scientifically to them.

The book is aimed at children 5+ so is everything is explained very simply, but my 4 year old was very interested and was happy to read the whole book.

Inventions in Science and Technology

This book is aimed at children aged 7-11 so a bit old for my children, but very interesting for me. Again everything is clearly explained with lots of images to keep interest levels up. Zak who is 4 was very interested in the  robots and telescopes. It is most definitely a book we will keep coming back to for years to come.

Amongst other things it talks about how microscope and telescope technology has changed, how nuclear power works, and lasers, although I had to turn this page over quickly as pictures of eyes freak me out a bit. The biologist in me was happy to be reminded about genetic engineering and fingerprinting.

This book would be brilliant for any budding scientist.

Check out QED Publishing for more great educational books.

Emma @sciencesparks

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