This Is Rocket Science – An Activity Guide

I’m very excited to tell you that my brand new book This Is Rocket Science has been released today!!

This Is Rocket Science includes 70 fun experiments for kids (and adults ) showing  you how to use everyday items like bottles, cardboard, glue and tape to build awesome rocket ships, paper spinners and mobile rocket launch pads, all while learning about the scientific concepts behind space travel. Getting spacecraft into space is an incredible feat of engineering and science, but the underlying principles ( explored in the book ) are actually quite simple.

This Is Rocket Science Book


Once you’ve mastered the art of launching a rocket, you can learn about the difficulties encountered by astronauts living in space and take a tour around the Solar System learning about each planet as you travel by.

This Is Rocket Science

You could make a space passport to record everything you learn on your journey to space and back and work through the book in order, or flip through and pick our your favourite ideas to do first. It really doesn’t matter, each activity is standalone and all scientific concepts are explained simply and clearly.

THIS IS ROCKET SCIENCE is divided into twelve exciting chapters:

  1. Glorious Gravity
  2. Fantastic Friction
  3. Marvelous Laws of Motion: Newton’s First Law
  4. Marvelous Laws of Motion: Newton’s Second Law
  5. Marvelous Laws of Motion: Newton’s Third Law
  6. Amazing Air Resistance
  7. Let’s Launch!
  8. Crazy Combustion and Chemical Reactions
  9. Tricky Trajectory
  10. Living in Space
  11. Landscaped Landing
  12. Super Solar System

I won’t give too much away, but here a few photos from our photo shoot. The book was a real family affair with everyone contributing ideas, testing activities and posing for photos. We had the BEST time putting it together and I hope you love it as much as we do.



You can read a little about the writing process and see some behind the scenes snaps over on my personal blog. I’d also like to give a huge Thank You to Page Street Publishing for guiding me so expertly thought the writing process and producing a book I am very proud of.

If you buy a copy of This Is Rocket Science I’d love you to share photos with us on social media using #ThisIsRocketScience and do let me know what you think.



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