Today we have a fun way to investigate how waterproof different materials are.

I printed a picture of a chicken and asked the children to colour it in, then gave them a selection of materials to protect the chicken from water.



What you need:

  • Paper with a picture on it.
  • Materials such as kitchen roll, plastic, bubble wrap, greaseproof paper cut into squares.
  • Water
  • Glue



Place the squares of material over the picture.



Sprinkle water over the picture and see which types of material repel the water the most. Z put several layers on his after realising his first layer wasn’t going to be waterproof enough. He was very proud when his chicken stayed dry though.


Afterwards we talked about  how the waterproof materials felt different to the thers. Z said they were shinier and harder to break.

Can you think of anything else you can waterproof?

The Science Bit

Waterproof objects cannot be penetrated by water. Rubber and wax are examples of natural waterproof coatings that are often used to make materials waterproof.

Can you think of anymore waterproof materials? Is your coat waterproof? What’s it made of?




 Suitable for Key Stage 1

Investigating Materials

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  1. Ticia

    We did a variation on this once and it was really fun. It looks like yours was more effective though because ours eventually got all wet.

    Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!

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