Bubble Science – fun with bubbles

Bath time is one of the most favourite parts of the day in our house and at the moment is is because of the bubble obsession. My children absolutely love bubbles in any form, bath bath or blowing bubbles!

Bubble Fun 1

So as the weather decided to warm up this week, I decided to set to on some bubble investigation.

We set too by asking some straight forwadr questions about bubbles. Here are the questions and their responses.

Where do you find them?

What shape are they?

What colour are they?

Why do you like them?

Can you catch them?


We then blew some bubbles and had some fun catching them! Try catching them with wet and dry hands and see if there is a difference.

Bubble Fun 1! Science Sparks

Try catching bubbles!

Bubble Fun 1!, Science Sparks

Or be amazed by them!


Can we make different shaped bubbles?


So we decided to try. We made some 2D shapes out of pipe cleaners and then decided to blow the bubbles and see what shape we got.

Bubble Fun 1! Science Sparks

Make shapes out of pipe cleaners!


We decided to use this as an opportunity to use predictions, so me made a results table like this:


Bubble Fun 1! Science Sparks

Results Table




Bubble Fun 1! Science Sparks

No square shaped bubble! 🙁


The science bit

Bubbles consist of a thin film of soapy water filled with air. When you blow a bubble, the film expands outward. The forces acting between the molecules of the bubble cause it to form the shape that encloses the most volume with the least surface area — a sphere. That is why all the shapes become a circle. Colours are seen because of the light diffraction through the soap film. Next time we are going to try 3D bubbles shapes and see if that makes a difference! So come back next week and see the difference!

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  1. Cerys @ Rainy Day Mum

    I love this we did coloured bubbles last summer which was great fun but very difficult to photograph – but we did manage to colour the decking, grass and patio with them.
    The prediction board is a great idea as well.
    Thank you for linking up to Tuesday Tots this week.

  2. Trudy

    Science Sprarks,
    Just a courtesy note to let you know I have pinned your “Bubble Fun 1” post to a pinterest board with a collection of learning resources to complement the “Bubble Mania” app. You will find lesson ideas, learning activities and reviews for a range of apps on my boards. If you have other posts suitable for this or other boards I am compiling, you are welcome to email me. You can view my boards at pinterest.com/fingerpprojects.com
    Warm Regards

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