More coding with Cubetto

Did you see our post about Cubetto, the cute little coding robot from Primo Toys a couple of weeks ago? We’ve been playing with him non stop ever since and started to add our own little twists, like LEGO walls and watching him push a cardboard tube along. My 8 year old has become quite adept at navigating Cubby ( as we affectionally call him ) through lego mazes, and I’m really impressed with how his use of directional language and building blocks of repeating code has improved in such a short space of time. When we first used Cubetto, it would take him several tries to get the code right, and now it’s pretty much correct first time.

The Cubetto Playset is definitely a great addition to our coding kit.


You can see Cubetto in action in this little video.


We were sent a Cubetto for the purpose of this review

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