Rocket Mouse – Challenge 2

Last week we launched our brand new weekly challenge. Each week, we post a new challenge complete with FREE printable instructions for you to try at home. Did you try a water drop maze? Next up is a Rocket Mouse. This is an easy activity which is a great first introduction to forces.

When you squeeze the bottle, the air inside is forced out through the top. The force of the air against the Mouse sends it shooting upwards. You should find that the harder you push the sides of the bottle together the greater the force of the air leaving the bottle and the higher the Rocket Mouse will go.

Rocket Mouse

Click the image below to download your FREE instruction sheet.

Rocket Mouse Instructions

Things to think about

How could you make your Rocket Mouse fly higher?

How could you slow down the flight of your mouse?

What would happen if you used a smaller container?

How could you set up an investigation to find out what happens if you use a smaller container? What conditions would you need to keep the same?

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STEM Challenge - Rocket Mouse

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