Space Science with Ora and a Competition

We recently came across Ora paper towels and were instantly drawn to them because of the unusual rocket shape. Then we found out that the round shape saves a lot of wasted paper as people don’t usually use the corners and it doesn’t need an inner tube so saving even more paper. Plus a round towel means it works brilliantly for making a cone for a rocket, fits perfectly in a funnel as a filter AND it’s a lot cheaper than filter paper to use for chromatography. What’s not to love??


Here at Science Sparks we try to use materials people already have around the house for our activities and kitchen towel is something we use a lot. I asked my children what they thought we could use Ora for and their current favourite use is to use as a cone to carry an apple to school in! However, I looked at it and thought it would make the perfect rocket mouse!

How to make a Rocket Mouse

We made the Ora into a rocket rather than a mouse, but the process is the same.

All you need to do it place an Ora towel on top of the milk bottle and give the milk bottle a big squeeze. The Ora should shoot up into the air. We tried this using a sheet of Ora on its own, a sheet or Ora held together with paperclips and the plastic top of the packet too. All of them worked brilliantly.

Which do you think flew the highest?



We’re really excited to hear that Ora have partnered with Penguin Random House UK – the No 1 children’s publisher in the UK, for an exclusive on pack promotion a free audiobook of Goodnight Spaceman with every purchase or Ora!

The Goodnight Spaceman limited-edition Ora will be available at Tesco and Asda as well as on-line on Ocado.  The single stack Ora retails at £1.90.

Goodnight Spaceman a recent collaboration for the publisher with the European Space Agency and UK astronaut Tim Peake. The book is about two space-mad little boys who are whisked away into space on an adventure beyond their wildest dreams. We can’t wait to read it.

If you liked our activity why not try these Ora paper towel planets on the Penguin website.

paper towel planets

Win a brilliant space bundle

If you’d like to win a fantastic prize bundle including a hard copy or Goodnight Space, Ora kitchen towel and some space food, please complete the Raffleopter form below.

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There are 98 comments

  1. Claudia H

    i would use it while making arts and crafts, getting a towel off with one hand sounds convenient while trying to hold something down at the same time.

  2. Natalie

    I would absolutely use the Ora for the science experience and I would save them until I found as many science experiments as I could. My children would love it! Thank you

  3. Lauren Pilkington

    perfect for mopping up spills but also makes a great plate for on the go – to put sandwiches on if out and about or at work

  4. Debbie W

    To make snowflakes to hang in the windows at Christmas. Round ones are much prettier than square ones. I suppose I might have to do practical things with them too but snowflakes would be more fun. Off to get the glitter out now…

  5. Yolande Smith

    So multi purpose – would you for cleaning surfaces and dirty faces, mopping spills probably even an emergancy tissue and then when finished lots of craft fun

  6. Steven S

    Mopping up baked beans, milk, sauce, water, juice or whatever the next thing that makes it’s way onto the floor first is 🙂

  7. Amy Wright

    It’s great to clean spills, to clean mirrors and glass, soaking up spills on the carpet, and we always use the empty cardboard roll for crafts i.e. making an octopus

  8. Paula Phillips

    I’d use it for cleaning up spills and soaking up fat. I think my children would use it for making rockets and ghosts.

  9. Sarah Morris

    I would use it for cleaning up spillages, both those caused by the kids and the cat… never seem to stop making a mess!!

  10. jamie Millard

    i like to put a sheet of towel on a plate that has a hot sandwich, toastie, toast or pancakes to top them getting soggy. Love that Ora is circular for this.

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