Things to do with a hula hoop

We’ve been having lots of fun with hula hoops this week, can you think of any more ideas for us?

Things to do with a hula hoop

Get Active!

How long can you hula hoop for? Can you guess how long you think you can hula hoop and compare your predictions to the actual time?

How long does it take to jump through 10 hula hoops on the floor?

Can you roll a hula hoop so it comes back to you?

What’s the highest a hula hoop can be held for you to be able to jump through it?

How could you do a forward roll through a hula hoop?

How long can you hold a hula hoop in the air for? Is it easier with two hands?

Can you skip with a hula hoop?

skip hula hoop

Can you turn a hula hoop into a target and throw items though it? Is it easier with the hoop on the ground or in the air?

How could you make a giant hula hoop toss game? Maybe use a cone to throw the hoops at?


How many plants can you grow inside a hula hoop?

Learning ideas with hula hoops

Can you turn a hula hoop into a clock?

hula hoop clock

How could you make a model of a spider web with a hula hoop?

spider web with a hula hoop

How could you make a square with string inside a hula hoop?

Can you make a venn diagram with a hula hoop?

hula hoop venn diagram

How many different venn diagrams can you create?

Can you draw fractions inside your hula hoop? How about turning it into a pizza with different slices?

Get Crafty with a hula hoop

Can you try some giant weaving with a hula hoop like Kids Activities Blog.

How could you make a chandelier with ribbons and a hula hoop?

Outdoor play ideas?

How could you use a hula hoop to put yourself inside a bubble?

Can you make a tunnel with hula hoops?

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Things to do with a hula hoop





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  1. Christina

    My little one is nearly 3 and totally obsessed with hula hoops! I am going to use some of these ideas to show her how much more she can do with them. Thank you so much!

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