Science Magic – the unbreakable egg

This is another experiment taken from a fab book I was sent to review, Cool Science. We think of eggs being fragile so how do you make an unbreakable egg?

How to make an egg unbreakable

unbreakable egg

What you need

  • an egg
  • cling film


Wrap the egg in cling film, place in your palm and close your hand around it so your fingers are completely wrapped around the egg.

Squeeze as hard as you can.

unbreakable egg

The egg should remain in one piece.  If you are feeling extra brave you could try it without the cling film.

The Science

If you’ve ever dropped an egg you know the shell is fragile, but the shape of an egg is very strong. If pressure is applied evenly all over the shell it will not break.

unbreakable egg


We tried REALLY hard to break the egg, but it stayed in one piece!

Did you know

A fresh egg will sink in water, a stale egg will float. Now theres something I want to try!

Another way to make an egg float is to add some salt to a bowl of water.

How to make an unbreakable egg

Experiment, thanks to Cool Science.

Another experiment demonstrating the strength of an eggshell is here.


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