How does your garden grow?

The weather has finally warmed up and our garden is blooming.

As part of our challenge with Actimel we are trying to grow a whole meal in the garden, learning along the way.

Z has been learning about plants at school so was very keen to tell his sisters and I about the purpose of the roots, which we could see beautifully when we removed the beans from the pot.

plant roots


We rehoused the peas and beans into our planters from last year, fingers crossed the slugs don’t get them. If you have any slug deterrent tips do let me know.

pea plant


S wanted to keep the smaller ones in our lovely new planter, so we put the greenhouse on top to protect them from bugs and keep them a bit warmer.


kids greenhouse


We also found a few worms along the way, we were careful not to hurt them and left them in the soil now we know how good they are for it.




We also planted our carrot seeds, and have some corn and lettuce coming along nicely too.

Find out how you can apply for funding from Actimel here.

We were sent the greenhouse and planter from Actimel as part of our EAT project.






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  1. Louise

    I am not sure how well it works but I have heard that a ring of sawdust or coffee grounds stops snails and slugs from getting to the plants. Worth an experiment.

  2. Mammasaurus

    Ooo like Michelle said crushed up egg shells – they can’t physically get over them apparently. I also used to have a slug problem and sunk an empty jam jar 3/4 full of ale in the ground, popping an old saucer upturned on the top over. At night they were attracted to the ale, slid in and drowned. I mean it’s not a nice thing to kill ’em but what a way to go!

    Thanks for linking up to How Does Your Garden Grow – I hope your plants continue to grow until you have a fabulous meal!

  3. anna

    mine is learning about garden in school too, so i just posted a similar topic on my blog this morning! growing a whole meal in the garden sounds a brilliant challenge. i am not that confident with planting stuff i have to admit, i just try for the kids sake but i dont know what i am doing!! lol

  4. Helen Sims The good life mum

    I love the challenge your doing it will be good to see if it works out fingers crossed those slugs dont eat your goodies, i have used everything from coffee to egg shells but i think we must have slugs with army boots on as nothing works cant wait to watch your plots unfold over the season

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