Filtering Experiment

Today we are looking at filtering. Instead of using a standard sieve or colander and sieving foodstuffs I thought we’d use toys to make a fun filtering experiment.


Filtering experiment

How to make your own filter

We found some old cardboard boxes and cut different sized holes in each one. Then I asked the children to find me lots of different sized toys. We talked about what we thought would happen and which toys would fit through the different boxes.

Then we filtered the toys, starting with the box with the largest holes.


filtering experiment


The toys separated into three piles. The middle two piles looked very similar in size. We discussed why this might be, and decided the shape of the toy and the angle it was at when being filtered would affect whether it passed through the hole.

The Science Bit

Todays investigation was very simple, but the concept of size and separating by size is quite important for young children to grasp. 

You could try getting children to line up objects in order of size and shape before filtering and ask them to predict what will happen.

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