Pirate magnet sensory bottle

This magnet sensory bottle is a super simple sensory activity perfect for introducing the concept of magnetism to little ones.



Pirate ‘treasure’

Bottle with lid

Coloured rice/pasta

Small magnetic and non objects

A magnet

Pasta and rice bottle


Carefully pour your coloured rice and pasta into the bottle, add the small objects and give a good shake.

Use the magnet to move the magnetic objects around the bottle. How many can you find?


How to colour rice and pasta

Pour your rice or pasta into a bowl.

Add a small amount of vinegar and food colouring and mix well.

Leave to dry.



Water bottle

Fill up a bottle about 3/4 full with water and add some pirate treasure and some coins.

Use your magnet to find the coins, how many can you find?

magnet bottle


What’s your favourite magnetism activity?

Extension ideas

Does a plastic bottle work better than a glass bottle?

Can you try different strength magnets?
We used the Learning Resources Super Magnet Classroom Lab Kit to create this activity.


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