Spinning Ninjas – Weekly Challenge 5

These spinning Ninjas are super easy to make. All you need is a paper cup, tissue paper, blue tack and a Hexbug. If you don’t have a Hexbug, a spinning motor will have the same effect.

Ninjago craft


Paper cup

Tissue paper

Double sided tape

Blue Tack



First decorate our cup to look like a Ninja, ours are modelled on Ninjago figures!

Once you’ve finished decorating, use blue tack to attach a Hexbug to the top of the cup.

Ninjago craft

Turn the Hexbug on and watch the Ninjas spin.

More things to try

Test your ninjas on different surfaces, do they move as well? Does the noise change?

Can you make any other characters?

What happens if you use two Hexbugs or put one on the side of the cup instead of the top?

Does it matter if the Hexbug is on the inside or outside?

Spinning cups printable



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