Super Sorting Pie from Learning Resources

We’re over the moon to be toy testers for Learning Resources, especially as we already own some of their great products like the digital timer and bucket balance and use them in a lot of our activities. We’ve always found the quality to be fantastic and the learning potential huge.

The super sorting pie is already much loved by my youngest daughter. she likes to fill the compartments sorting by colour, then put the lid on top and shake it, calling it ‘shaky pie’ which always makes me laugh.

Super sorting Pie

The set comes with the pie itself, a removable inner part with 5 compartments, a lid, two tweezers, 60 fruits in 5 colours and 3 reversible inserts. The idea is that you sort the fruits by number, colour or type using the tweezers which are great for improving fine motor control and finger strength.


More Activity Ideas

  • Use the fruits to form simple sums on the floor, I find using objects rather than writing numbers seems to help  my children grasp numbers more easily.
  • Use the pie in combination with some bucket scales and practice balancing the different fruits? How many bananas does it take to balance an orange?

Super sorting Pie

  • Set up a pie shop, and make pies to order. You could even practice with money by charging your customers.


  • Take requests for a certain flavour of pie, and practice writing at the same time.

Super sorting Pie


Can you think of any more activity ideas for the super sorting pie?

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