Candy Science – Building Towers with Sweets

We do a lot of building with LEGO, blocks and boxes and recently build a whole house from fudge, icing sugar and chocolate after testing different foodstuffs for the best cement ( icing sugar won ). Today, our candy science activity was much more simple, but huge amounts of fun, as most activities involving sweets are.

I chose liquorice allsorts because the shapes of some of the sweets are fantastic for building.

I gave the children a pile of sweets and asked them to build towers, while they built we chatted about which sweets were easiest to build with and which allowed for a more stable structure.

Candy experiments

It’s no surprise that the square sweets were the best for building purposes, but the cylinders were great for adding some style.


This activity is brilliant for getting children to start to link the properties of an object to it’s function, and a fun introduction to simple 3D shapes.

What sweets would you use? do you have any candy science experiments to share?

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