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This month the virtual book club is all about Dr. Seuss, which is great for us as we LOVE Dr. Seuss.


The Lorax seemed like the best fit for for Science Sparks, although I did consider investigating which objects are easiest to balance like The Cat in the Hat. It’s hard to believe that The Lorax is over 40 years old and it’s environmental message even more poignant today than ever.

The Lorax is set in a dark, dreary post-apocalyptic land, destroyed by the Once-ler’s harsh exploitation of nature. The heartbreaking result of excessive industrialisation is obvious, but the story ends with a glimmer of hope, as a single Truffula seed is left behind. A single seed from which new life can grow and flourish if looked after.

The Lorax Activities

We started off with a fun activity before moving on to learn about the serious message behind The Lorax.

Make your own Whisper-Ma-Phone

The Lorax throws down a whisper-ma-phone to speak to visitors, so we thought it’d be fun to make our own tin can version.


2 empty clean tin cans ( check for sharp edges ) or paper cups



Carefully pierce a hole in the bottom of your tin cans and thread the string through, tie the ends off inside the can.
tin can phone Pull the string taut and test your phone.

Extension ideas

Can you try with paper or plastic cups instead of tin cans? Does it work as well?

How about trying with different types of string?

Think about how to keep your test fair, what variables do you need to keep constant?

Does it work around corners?

Why does it work?

When the string is pulled taut and you speak into one of the cans, the bottom acts like a diaphragm, changing the sound waves into vibrations of the string which then cause the bottom of the second can to vibrate, recreating the sound which is then heard by the second person.

Other Ideas

This easy activity helps children visualise water pollution. We set up a simple ocean scene and added some rubbish and black food colouring.


You could follow this up with a filtering activity to show how water can potentially be cleaned.

Make a Lorax themed sensory tray.

Lorax Sensory Tray

Find out why plans need water in this easy activity.

Pollutants have been shown to pass up the food chain, can you draw an example of a  food chain?

Learn about the conditions seeds need to germinate with a bean in a jar.

bean in a jar

How about trying some regrowth experiments?

Did you know?

Fourteen billion pounds of rubbish, mostly plastic, is dumped into the ocean every year?  

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.

Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

Other great Dr. Seuss Activity Ideas

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