Make your own Olaf

Do you remember when we designed a house made of sweets and tried to find the best materials for its construction? We’ve followed the same concept to make an Olaf from Disney’s Frozen.

Make Olaf

What are the best sweets for Olaf?

Marshmallows were the obvious choice, and we decided three would be the perfect number.

We knew we wanted the arms to be long and thin so chose candy sticks, although something brown coloured would’ve been better.

We used segments of chocolate mint thins for his hair and raisins for his buttons.

What can we use to fix Olaf together?

We wanted Olaf to stick quite quickly, so decided to try cocktail sticks, marshmallow fluff and icing sugar.

How can we test?

We discussed what we needed to keep constant and what needed to change, we kept the number if marshmallows constant and changed the sticky part ( icing sugar, marshmallow fluff or cocktail stick )

Our test was if Olaf would stand up on his own


Icing sugar Olaf didn’t stand up for long, marshmallow fluff was a little better but the cocktail sticks by far the strongest in our tests.

Extension activities

Could you try different strengths of icing sugar?

Build an Olaf

 What do you think? Can you think of any other materials we could’ve used?

Suitable for Key stage 1 Science

Make Olaf

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