Build a Marshmallow Snowman

Can you build a marshmallow snowman?

We started with a small snowman and tested different strengths of icing sugar to see which was the most sticky.

Do you think a thick mixture would be stickiest or a thin mixture?

Can you work out how to make 3 mixtures to test? Remember to use the same amount of water and change just the amount of  icing sugar or the other way round.

You should just have one variable and all other conditions remain constant.



Chocolate sticks

Icing Sugar

Icing pens




Decide what icing sugar mixtures you want to test and make them up in separate bowls.

Construct a marshmallow snowman for each mixture. Try to use the same amount of mixture for each snowman.

Leave each snowman to dry for the same amount of time.

How could you test how strong your snowman is? Try holding it up from the top marshmallow to see if it stays stuck together.

Marshmallow snowman

Extra challenge

What’s the tallest snowman you can build?

Can you think of any more sticky materials to test? How about marshmallow fluff or liquid glucose?

marshmallow snowman

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