Simple Science – Plants

Todays preschool plant activity is very simple and is especially aimed at younger children.

We wandered around the garden looking at all the plants and flowers discussing which were big and which were little and talking about the different colours. Then we talked about what the different parts of a plant are called.

preschool plant activity

Once back inside I made some labels and asked the girls to stick the correct labels on this wooden toy plant.

Flowers are usually brightly coloured. Do you know why this is?

To attract insects, which spread pollen from the flower and fertilise other flowers allowing them to make seeds.

Leaves are flat and open up to the sun.

This is because the leaf uses sunshine to make food to grow, this process is called photosynthesis.


The stem is like a big pipe, which takes water and nutrients to all parts of the plant. Do you remember our transpiration experiment?

We also talked about roots and how they are used for the plant to suck up nutrients and water from the soil. You can see some roots in our bean post here.

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