Great experiments for a science party

Lots of people ask me about parties and the best experiments to keep children entertained at a science party. Science Sparks is full of fun, safe and hands-on science activities, but here are some I think would work brilliantly for a children’s science party.

Make a Lava Lamp

Lava lamps are super simple to make, and the perfect take home gift as they are completely reusable with the addition of a bit more alka seltzer or an effervescent vitamin tablet. You could make a beautiful display of different coloured lava lamps and use as party favours at the end, or even give the kids a make your own lava lamp kit in a little bag.

  lava lamp

Walk Over Oobleck

Set up a giant tray of oobleck and see if your guests dare walk across.

Giant oobleck tray

The infamous coke and mento trick

This one is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Drop a couple of mentos into a bottle of coke and stand back! Does it work with diet drinks? Or different sweets?

You could use lots of different coloured fizzy drinks and make an erupting rainbow.

Coke and Mento


Absorbing sugar cubes

This sugar cube activity is super simple, easy to explain and very hands on. Just add some coloured water to a plate or bowl and have different materials on hand to investigate whether they stop the sugar cubes absorbing the water.

sugar cube science

Make the party food

You could make pizza dough and learn about yeast and respiration or experiment with different types of pancake mix.

For dessert how about making meringue and then building towers with cream and strawberries? Or keep it super simple and melt chocolate to dip strawberries in or if it’s a hot day children could make S’mores in a solar oven.

Meringue Tower

Make a LEGO house and test different roof materials

Sticking with the absorbing theme, you could make lots of little LEGO houses and provide sticks, leaves etc for the children to use as the roof and then spray with water to test  how watertight they are. You could put a LEGO minifigure inside and give a prize to the team with the driest figure.

lego house

Science Magic

Impress the kids and grown-ups with these simple science tricks.

easy science trickery

Baking Soda Experiments

Baking Soda activities go down well with kids of all ages, any of these 10 ideas would be great fun for everyone.

Baking Soda Experiments for kids

Set up a messy potion station

Everyone loves a messy fizzy potion. How about fairy potions? Or witchy potions if you want something a little spookier.

Fairy Potion Ingredients


How about making volcanoes for small groups of children, you could make them with papier mache, play dough, sand or even snow.

Baking soda Volcano

Lollystick Races

Explore surface tension with these fun lollystick races.

surface tension


Colourful Skittles

This activity is full of awe and wonder. All you need is different coloured skittles, a white plate and water. Sometimes you can even rescue the ‘S’ from the top of each sweet.

skittles experiment




Fruity Boats

How about making some fruity boats and investigating how many LEGO men it takes to make them sink?

Giant Bubbles

Everyone loves giant bubbles and if you’ve got enough mixture and a hula hoop you can put your guests inside one!

giant bubbles


Finally, why not end the party with a bottle rocket or a film canister rocket ?

Bottle rocket


science party ideas

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