Science Fair Project Ideas

Here at Science Sparks we LOVE a good Science Fair Project but can appreciate that not everyone feels the same way, so here are a few great ideas to give you some inspiration.

Science Fair Project Ideas

Make a soda dispenser

First up is this AWESOME soda dispenser idea from Steve Spanger using the old mento and soda trick. You could use the activity to investigate how different types of sodas have different levels of reaction, and challenge yourself to see how many cups you could fill.

Make a volcano

Learn about chemical reactions with a baking soda volcano. Experiment to find the perfect combination of vinegar, baking soda and washing up liquid ( dish soap ) to make the most realistic looking lava. Does thicker lava flow more slowly?

Can you make a papier mache volcano?

multicoloured volcano eruption

Weather Science

Track changes to the weather over a period of time by making a barometer to measure air pressure, a rain gauge to measure rain and other fun weather science activities.


Why does fresh pineapple stop jelly setting?

Try some kitchen science and investigate why fresh pineapple stops jelly setting. You might find some other fruits have the same effect.



Density Experiments

A density jar makes for a wonderfully visual science demonstration. See how many layers you can float on to of each other and try to find an object to float on each layer.

You could even try a little science magic trick.

density jar


Osmosis Experiment

Use eggs to investigate osmosis and diffusion, this simple, low cost activity is great for explaining quite complex processes and very visual as well.

Using eggs to explain osmosis

More ideas coming soon!

Science Fair Project Ideas


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