Top 10 Outdoor Summer Science Activities

Summer is a great time to get outdoors, play, explore and learn at the same time. We’ve got 10 brilliant outdoor summer science activities to keep you busy.

Outdoor Summer science actvities

  • Set up a zip wire outdoors or inside on a rainy day. Can you time how long it takes bigger and smaller teddy bears to get to the bottom, which do you think will be fastest? What happens if you change the incline?


  • Set up some messy, gloop, I added a bit of lemonade kool-aid to this and it smelled delicious.



  • Make some fruity boats, do they sink if you add LEGO men??



How tall is a tree

  • Can you look for animal footprints or listen for animal sounds? Which animals do you think they are?


  • Can you set up an outdoor kitchen and make a muddy, messy potion?

Giant bubbles

  • How about getting active and trying some scooter science?

Micro Scooter Sprite

What are your favourite outdoor summer science activities?

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