10 AMAZING Baking Soda Experiments

Baking soda experiments or activities are a great, safe and easy way to introduce the concept of a chemical reaction to children. Baking Soda is alkaline and reacts with acids such as vinegar, releasing carbon dioxide ( a gas ) and water. The fizz produced is brilliant fun for children to watch especially if you combine with washing up liquid ( dish soap ) to make even more bubbles or add a bit of food colouring, ice or a theme.

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Baking Soda Experiments for kids

Here are some of our favourite baking soda ( bicarbonate of soda ) experiments

Baking Soda powered boat

How about making a few boats with different sized bottles, straws or using different amounts of baking soda. Can you predict which will move the furthest/fastest?

Baking soda boat

Monster Tea Party

We tried a bit of baking powder in this activity, can you find out which works best? Baking powder or baking soda?

baking soda


Baking Soda Volcano

The baking soda volcano is a staple science activity for kids. Can you try using different amounts of vinegar, but keeping the washing up liquid and baking soda the same? How much do you need for an eruption?

Baking soda Volcano

Baking Soda Popper

My children loved these! How much baking soda does it take to make the canister pop? Do be carefully though, and stand well back!

Baking soda popper

Volcano Egg Dyeing

This is a brilliant twist on the traditional volcano from Toddler Approved.

Fizzing rocks with baking soda

Make rocks and watch them fizz! Can you hide something inside them?

fizzing rocks


Baking Soda Ice Cubes

Make some colourful baking soda ice cubes and watch them fizz as you add vinegar.

baking soda

Frozen Vinegar

Inspiration Laboratories froze the vinegar instead of the baking soda which worked brilliantly as well.

Frozen vinegar

Dancing Raisins

Watch raisins dance around a glass due to bubbles of carbon dioxide.

Exploding Sandwich Bag

Finally, make a very impressive sandwich bag with Steve Spangler.

Do you have any more ideas for us?
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Brilliant baking soda experiments


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  1. Lauren Golinski

    We have done every single one of these experiments before we even looked at this website and they were really cool.

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