Changing Seasons with LEGO

Here at Science Sparks we adore LEGO, I think it is just the most amazing, flexible resource. We’ve used it to learn about bar charts, make magnet mazes and even built a balloon powered LEGO car.  LEGO is also fantastic for helping develop fine motor skills, learning to follow instructions, encouraging creativity and so much more. When my children were little we played with DUPLO every day and now LEGO is one of the few toys they all enjoy together.

Changing Seasons with LEGO

This activity was great on many levels. First we had a chat about which changes are most noticeable in each season and what we could model with the LEGO. We talked about hibernation of animals through Winter, changing leaves in Autumn and the bright colours and wildlife of Spring and Summer.

Can you guess which season this is?


Our Winter tree has bits of frost, and a ladybird and butterfly who sneaked in from Spring.

Winter LEGO Tree

This end of Summer tree has some apples, and a few splashes of colour.

Summer LEgo Tree

Our Spring tree has lots of colour and flowers as well as a butterfly.

Spring LEGO Tree

This is our little Hedgehog hibernating in Winter. The hibertaing was my 7 year old’s idea, I was really impressed with how all three of my children got on board with this activity and added little extras that I hadn’t considered.

LEgo hedgehog


Suitable for Key Stage 1 Science

Changing Seasons


Weather and Seasons


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