Science Magic Tricks – 10 awesome magic science ideas!

Here at Science Sparks HQ we love a bit of magic, whether it be a memory trick, slight of hand or even science magic. Today we have 10 easy science magic tricks sure to impress your friends.

Can you push a sharp skewer through a balloon. Take care with this one, the skewer will be sharp.

skewer balloon

Can you remember how we remove the shell from an egg without breaking it? Can you make it  bounce? You could even try different surfaces and see which the egg bounces best on. If it doesn’t break you could even try making it shrink.

Egg with no shell

How about showing how an egg is too big to fit into a jar and then watching as it drops gently inside.

egg investigation

With the shell on this time, can you make an unbreakable egg?

unbreakable egg

Bored of plain white petals? magically jazz them up with some food colouring to make these pretty flowers.

Transpiration flowers


How about making a coin pop from a bottle, be careful to stand clear!

Do you know why the coloured water isn’t mixing with the normal water? It’s a little density trick.

Science density

Can you make an egg float or a lemon sink?

make a lemon sink


Finally, how about turning milk into glue? Or cream into butter?




Do you have any more science magic tricks for us?



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  1. Janette

    I think all of these experiential are so cool and captivating making me want to do some of them. I think the experiments you used are great since it’s fun and quite easy so mostly anyone can attempt making a replica of the project.

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