Early Years Science – Themed Activities

Our themed early years science activities are perfect for inspiring little minds.

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Science for Early years

All our activities use only simple, inexpensive materials and require little preparation.

Early Years Science Experiment Ideas

Winter and ice

Make some ice decorations and leave hanging in different areas to see where they melt first.

Make some sensory snow, might be best to try this outside!

Build a snowman with marshmallows and test how strong he is.

If you’re lucky enough to have some snow, make a snow volcano.


Introduce children to how different liquids can be with this fun density activity.

Pirate themed density

Make paper, cork and lollystick  pirate ships before testing on water and racing to see which work the best.

Making and racing boats

Test different materials to see how waterproof they are with this easy activity.

Which materials make the best pirate ship?

Learn about magnets with our Pirate maze from Twinkl.

Pirate magnet maze

Have some baking soda fun with our fizzy pirate coins

Try some bowling with coconuts.

Learn about properties of materials by making your own pirate sword.

Which material makes the best dress up sword?

Try some simple code breaking to find the treasure.

Crack the pirate code.

Learn about push and pull forces with pirate play dough.

Pirate play dough

Can you crack the secret messages to find the pirate treasure?

Pirate treasure hunt

Learn about magnetism with our easy magnet bottles.

Pirate magnet bottles

Try some pirate themed sinking and floating.

Pirate sink or float

You can find some of our pirate activities in printable form on Twinkl.

Under the Sea

Under the sea sensory jar

Under the sea ice painting

Rainbow fish sharing activity

Ice fishing

Learn about pollution

Staying healthy and the body – great for People Who Help Us topic

How to make a stethoscope

Draw around yourself and learn about what’s inside your body.

Make a play dough brain

 Learn about teeth and how to look after them

Find out why it’s important to wash your hands before eating.

Discover how strong bones are.

Try this fun role play activity applying plaster casts to dolls and learn how to keep bones healthy.

Learn about lungs.

Fairy Tale Science

Make a raft for the Billy Goats

Make a bridge for The Gingerbread Man.

Build houses for the Three Little Pigs and test how strong they are.



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