Great science experiments for kids 4-5 years old

I’ve found my 5 year old to be incredibly curious at the moment, always asking questions and wanting to know how things work. Even something as simple as a rain gauge has been VERY exciting for her.

With that in mind I’ve pulled together some great science experiments for kids that are perfect for 4 and 5 year olds.

Practice drawing or writing with fizzy paint.

Try some ice painting.

ice painting

Make some filter paper butterflies.

Melt ice with salt and warm water.

Find out how many of your own feet tall you are. Is there a pattern?

Science Experiments for 4 and 5 year olds

Learn about what’s inside your body by drawing yourself.

Make a pine cone weather station, thanks to Rainy Day Mum for this one.

Explore numbers with a Numeracy at Home box.

Science Experiments for 4 and 5 year olds


Introduce rulers and measurement with this fun measuring activity.

Learn about static electricity with these jumping frogs.

Static eletricity

Trick your eyes with this optical illusion.

Learn about waterproof materials with this fun activity using soft toys.


Make a magnet maze and learn about magnetism.Can you make a huge version?

Explore freezing and melting with slushy drinks, you could even try some colour mixing.

Have lots of fizzy fun with a Monster Tea Party, just don’t drink the tea.

Monster tea party - baking soda

Make some coloured ice cubes for more fizzy fun or how about some coloured rocks?

Find out about arm span and it’s relation to height in this easy activity.

Try some weighing and measuring, can you make a metre ruler?

DUPLO ruler

How about some science magic? Can you make an egg bounce?

For some icy play with a difference, freeze some water in a balloon.

This one might be a bit tricky, but try some apple bobbing and start to introduce the concept of density.

Learn about oil and water not mixing and density too with this density jar. Experiment with different objects floating on the layers to make it more fun. What happens when you shake it?

Density jar

Make some shadow puppets and then put on a show. What happens to the shadow when you move it away from the light source?

How about making some simple ‘shooters‘ like Red Ted Art, what happens to them when it’s windy? Do they move further if you blow harder?

Can you make a mixture with your toys?

Try some colour mixing with jelly.

Jelly colour mixing

Learn how to clean dirty water using filters or try filtering your toys.

Learn about measuring and maybe even draw a simple table in this activity.

Can you make observations about your toys and separate them into groups depending on what material they are made from?

Start to learn about what conditions green plants need to grow with this cress caterpillar.

Have some messy fun with oobleck!

Make some simple patterns using DUPLO.

What makes a good sandcastle? Is dry or wet send better?

How about setting up a  chemistry lab in the kitchen? all you need is some coloured water, oil and pipettes.

oil and water

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